2019 USAPL Raw Nationals Recap

Our ladies did amazing at Raw Nationals this past weekend in Lombard (not Chicago), IL.  Let’s recap.  There are 22,000+ USAPL members.  Roughly 5-7% (1100-1500) of those members qualify for USAPL Raw Nationals.  Click here to for the qualifying totals, which have increased each of the past 5 years.  So these ladies are already in the top 5% in the population of people who have chosen to compete in a drug tested strength sport.  Next each of these ladies finished in the top 11 of their respective category.  Let that sink in.

Terri Farley competed in the 63kg M2 category.  Terri completed her first squat at 102.5kg.  She missed her 2nd attempt at 105kg, took the same weight on her 3rd but also did not make her final squat.  She made 67.5 on her first bench attempt, 70 on her second, and hit a platform PR make of 72.5kg on her third attempt.  She made 112.5 on her first deadlift attempt, 117.5 for her second, and missed 122.5kg on her third attempt.  Terri tied her PR total of 292.5 and finished 7th in the 63kg M2 class, and her total puts her in a top 25 all time total for a 63kg M2 lifter.

Amy Robinson competed in the 63kg M1 category.  Amy missed her squat opener at 125kg, came back and made 125 on her second attempt for a 10kg platform PR make, and missed 130 on her third attempt.  She made 77.5 on her first bench attempt, tied her PR of 80 on her second, then missed 82.5kg on her third.  Amy opened with a platform PR deadlift of 142.5kg and made it, increased her platform PR on her second attempt with 147.5kg, and missed her third attempt at 150kg.  Amy improved on her total with a 15kg PR at 347.5kg which puts her in a top 25 all time total for a 63kg M1 lifter.

Tangie Gardner competed in the 72kg M1 category.  Tangie made her squat opener at 150kg for a 7.5kg platform PR, she missed her second and third attempts, both at 155kg.  She made all three of her bench attempts at 72.5, 75, and 77.5kg.  Tangie made her deadlift opener at 175kg, made her second at 182.5kg for a 5kg platform PR, and stood up what would have been a Maryland State Record at 187.5kg but was red lighted on the lift.  She ended up with a 10kg platform PR total at 410kg which is a Maryland State Record and it is also an all time top 10 72kg M1 total.  This total secured Tangie her second platform finish at Raw Nationals taking 3rd this year!

Kylie Robillard competed in the 84+ Open category.  Kylie opened with a platform PR squat at 197.5kg and crushed it.  She improved on that squat making her second attempt at 200kg.  A misload on her third attempt caused a narrow miss at 202.5kg.  She was given a 4 min. clock to retake the attempt, but there was a second misload, taking her head totally out of it, and she did not make her third (attempt, but 5th squat).  Kylie made her first and second bench attempts at 100 and 102.5kg respectively, but missed her third at 105.  Kylie made all three of her deadlift attempts at 207.5, 215, and improved on her own Maryland State record with a 217.5kg third attempt.  Kylie finished 11th with a 520kg total, and 17.5kg PR total, and it is an all time top 20 84+ Open total.

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